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Corporate Sponsorships

Honor Flight Pittsburgh would not be successful without the overwhelming support of our community.

There are many ways to support our mission:

     A monetary donation;

     Host a fundraising event;

     Provide supplies for our participants;

     Sponsor specific components such as photography/photobooks of the day.

If you are curious about where, or how your monetary donation is spent, below is a list of some of our expenditures:


                                  $10.00 feeds one veteran a box lunch at the memorials

                                $23.00 feeds one veteran for the entire day.

                              $200.00 sponsors one veteran for the entire day’s events.

                           $4,800 will pay the deluxe motor coach service (one bus) for the entire day.

                           $10,000 will sponsor the entire trip for one bus from the Pittsburgh, PA area.

$20,000 will sponsor our entire trip for the entire day!

                             **** Please email for more information ****

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